Welcome to Carpenter Paper Company

C arpenter Paper Company (CPC) is a local, family owned company that cares about each customer. Carpenter Paper was founded in 1901 and services Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Its Network Group services over 18 Billion dollars in product throughout the world and has over 128 locations within the United States. Savings and first class service is our #1 Priority. We serve companies of all sizes.
“At Carpenter Paper Company, we strive to improve our customer’s experience. We build customer loyalty by CARING and LISTENING to help create solutions that address individual needs which foster LONG TERM SUCCESS.”


Carpenter Paper is focused on you and providing solutions that will allow you and your brand to stand out.  Custom containers, logoed products, inventory management, and stocking inventory are just some of the solutions that we provide.

Unlike many other competitors, Carpenter Paper has a much smaller minimum order for free delivery and we guarantee next day delivery.

Our free service for Vendor Managed Inventory Program, allows Carpenter to stock your items and manage your inventory at the levels that you specify.  We make certain that we visit your location once a week and inventory your products to determine what inventory you need delivered the next day.  You review your Confirmation Pre-Orders providing you full control of what you buy and to be stocked.

We have found that this program frees up your time so you can run your business and focus on the many other important things.  Let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

“What they are saying about Carpenter Paper Company”

“Carpenter Paper is one of the best partners we have. They bring innovative ideas, products, and  significant cost savings that we have not gotten from any other vendor/manufacturer. We can count on them for immediate service and they have become a true partner for Costa Vida!”

Kip Prestwich – Director of Operations, Costa Vida

“CPC (Carpenter Paper Company) is a great company to work with and has continually been a good partner to Chuck-A-Rama in sourcing quality products at extremely competitive pricing. We have done business with them for over eight years and have developed a trust with Carpenter Paper knowing that they will deliver the right product at the right time and price. Over the years, they have helped us find products that we have needed to run our business more effectively and efficiently.”

Rene Schuurman – President, Chuck-A-Rama

“We have done business with Carpenter Paper for several years. They are always available to deliver our products, besides our regularly scheduled weekly deliveries, at a moment’s notice. We consider Carpenter a good partner to Genysis.”

Justin Robertson – Purchasing Manager, Nellson LLC/Genysis Brand Solutions

“We have a relationship with Carpenter paper that started almost 40 years ago when we opened our business. Carpenter paper has always been great to work with. Their sales staff has always been terrific and helpful. Our salesman has been the best! A true friend. We also really appreciate our delivery man, best delivery driver ever. Hopefully we will have Carpenter paper to help us with our next 40 years in business.”

Curt and Nancy Cutler, Cutler’s Cookies and Sandwiches 

“I love buying through carpenter paper because unlike most other distributors they make you feel like you are apart of there team and not just another unknown person walking the cooperate tightrope. If I ever have any issues they let me know as soon as possible and let me know my options right away so we can get the problem resolved. I know that sounds like it should be normal but it is not, I deal with a number of different vendors and Carpenter is by far and away the best and most professional one I deal with, and it’s not even close! You guys are amazing and I will be buying from them as long as they let me! Thank you guys!”

Zach Smith – Downtown Deli Manager, Caputos Food Market and Deli

“Carpenter Paper, Procurement for an emerging chain is for the most part headache management married to fire fighting. Throw in off-premise dining, whether its catering, simple to go or 3rd party deliverable and the rules seem to change every other week. Paper and disposable goods are one of the most dynamic categories for a QSR brand like ours. With the reality that the category doesn’t possess any accountable revenue generation one might just give up the good fight and settle for the average and easy. However, armed, and I do mean just that with a consultative partnership that transforms your attention, attitude and offering is in my opinion essential. This area of our business moves fast, and a simple transactional equation is nowhere close to what’s needed to succeed. Having Carpenter paper at our side and in step with the Brand from ideation to execution to operations is welcomed by all at this company”

Paul Cryer - Director of Procurement, Sweeto Burrito